Pottery Parties In-A-Box! Take Home Parties!

That’s right, have a pottery painting party at home!  Great for backyard parties, neighborhood get-togethers, sleepovers, family reunions & barbecues, & more!  Pottery painting is super fun & super easy, and cleanup is a breeze!  Choose from one of our Pottery Party In-A-Box to go!  The minimum amount is 5 pottery pieces and we throw in the party person’s for FREE!  Choose from a Shark Party, a Hedgehog Party, a Princess Party, a Cupcake Bank Party, a Dog Party, a Sealife Party, a special plate 8″ party! & more!

To make sure we have everything in stock that you need, please give us 2 weeks notice, or we may need to substitute for some pieces.  You could do the surprise party animal party for the last minute parties!

We package the pottery pieces, the paint, the brushes to go and you can even pick up curbside and drop back off for firing curbside! Once you drop back off for firing, we’ll have everything all fired and ready for pickup in less than one week!

Call us at 314-205-9000 or email us at info@thatpaintingspot.com if you have any questions.


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