No Appointment Necessary, All Ages, All Skill Levels.  Paint Your Own Pottery is as simple or complex as you make it.  It can be a simple cute 3″ puppy dog or an elaborately designed and painted platter.  It can be a simple little keepsake handprint on a cup or a large shark chip andIMG_1265 dip that everyone will envy.  

At That Painting Spot, we like to keep things simple.  The price on the shelf is the complete price you pay — no studio fees.

Here’s how easy it is to create your own masterpiece:

1.  Pick out a piece pottery from our selection of hundreds (seriously:) of pieces. Prices are marked on the shelf  & range $3 up to $70

2.  Pick out your paint (over a hundred colors to choose from, 10 different shades of green!)  You’re only limited to the number of colors your creativity can handle.  We also have specialty paints called jungle gems to give your piece and extra bit of pizzazz, at no extra cost. IMG_0850

3. Your piece is wiped off, name and date put on bottom and then you’re ready to paint.  We’ll go over the basics of painting pottery but feel free to ask for any additional advice or how to use or stencils, silk screens, paint writers or other special techniques.

4.  We’ll have you checked out before you’re done painting (keep your receipt for pickup) then leave your finished piece on the table.

5.  When your pottery is completely dry, we still have work to do.  We will clear glaze your piece let it dry again then fire it in the kiln which reaches nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.   Your masterpiece will be ready to be picked up in the next 5-7 days.  During super busy times, summer and holidays it might be a little longer.

6. Once your piece is finished we’ll call you to pick up which is the exciting part, seeing how it turned out!

And that’s all! Our process is made to be as smooth and simple as possible. We have a great selection of projects for you to pick from, and if  you have a special request, just let us know and we’ll work hard to get it for you.