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All ages, all skill levels. Paint Your Own Pottery is as simple or as complex as you make it. Our selection is praised by pottery enthusiast from all around the country! We offer everything from adorable little keepsakes to elaborately designed platters!

You don’t need a reservation but you can always make one by calling 314-205-9000.

At That Painting Spot, we like to keep things simple. The price on the shelf is the price you pay — no studio fees.


1. Pick a piece of pottery from our selection of hundreds (seriously, HUNDREDS!) Prices are marked on the shelf & range from below $5 to $70+

2. Pick out your paint – over hundreds of colors to choose from! We also have specialty paints called Jungle Gems to give your piece an extra bit of pizzazz! Jungle Gems explode color when they are cooked in the kiln, transforming your pottery into a one of a kind masterpiece!

3. Your piece is wiped off, your name & the date is written on the bottom of the piece, and then YOU ARE READY TO PAINT! We’ll go over the basics of painting pottery, but feel free to ask for any additional advice or how to use stencils, silk screens, paint writers, or other special techniques. Our Spot Consultants are there to HELP!

4. We’ll have you checked out before you’re done painting and then you are DONE! You leave your finished piece on the table.

OUR EXTRA STEPS (included in pottery pricing):

5. When your pottery is completely dry, we still have work to do! Your pottery will receive a clear glaze by one of our specialists. We’ll let the glaze set for 24 hours, and then it’s ready to be fired in the kiln! The kiln reaches nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and your pottery will take up to 48 hours to be completely heat treated and cooled off. Your masterpiece will be ready to be picked up within 7 days! We will call you when your pieces are ready.

We can only keep your finished pieces for 30 days so remember to come pick them up! It’s heartbreaking when a finished piece is forgotten about by it’s owners.

And that’s all! Our process is made to be as smooth and simple as possible. We have a great selection of projects for you to pick from, and if you have a special request, just let us know and we’ll work hard to get it for you.


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