Parties – In-Studio & To-Go!

All ages love to relax and get creative that’s why we have parties for all ages! Your party can be at our studio, at your home, or business and we can even zoom with you which is great for canvas parties! Zoom Painting Parties!

or call us at 314-205-9000.  printable party invitation

Pottery Painting & Canvas Painting Parties TO-GO!

1st decide if you want pottery or canvas.  Pottery is easy to paint at home, we pack up everything for you, brushes, paint, palette plates, directions, your choice of pottery pieces.  

Canvas Painting Parties To-Go can also be easy.  You pick your favorite canvas design, tell us how many you need, we’ll pack up the supplies you’ll need with the step-by-step directions!  Canvas paint is acrylic paint and you’ll need to cover your tables and we encourage you to wear paint aprons or paint shirts because the paint doesn’t wash out of clothes like pottery paint does.





If you want an instructor, we can plan a Zoom Instructor-Led Party for the Canvas Parties. The cost for a Zoom Instructor is $50 for 1.5 hours (kids’ paintings) or $75 for 2 hours (for adult paintings).






In-Studio Parties for All Ages 

With Covid-19, Our In-Studio Parties can be 8-20 people and you’ll get the entire studio to use!  Everyone needs to wear masks.  These parties can be either pottery painting, canvas painting, or glass fusion. 

The party fee is $75 plus the cost of the individual projects (pottery pieces $14 or $18, or your price point), canvas projects are $25 for adults and $22 for kids, glass parties vary from $18-$25.  You’ll have the studio for two hours with an instructor.

If you have less than 8 people, you can plan to come into the studio with no additional cost and we will stay open to other customers.

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