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Order Online, Stop by Studio, or Call us for Take-Home Pieces!

Online Store

Pottery Painting – Pick your piece from the online store and then pick out the paint you want.  We then pack it all up with brushes and easy to follow instructions to paint at home. You can then pick up curbside at our studio.

When ordering online we must have at least 24 hours notice.  If you’d like to pick up a project to do today, please call us at 314-205-9000.  For ordering online, at the checkout, click on the Custom Time tab and put in at least the next day’s date.  You’ll need to do this to finish your order. 

Online Store

Stuck at home with nothing fun & creative to do? That Painting Spot now has TO-GO KITS FOR POTTERY PAINTING.  These are easy to do painting projects you can do at home with all the supplies and directions needed. 

Scrolling through you will first see the pottery pieces available, the glazes for these pieces.


For Pottery Painting, you will pick from glaze colors that have to be fired in a kiln and create a lasting finish, great for all pottery pieces, including dinnerware and drinkware!


Below are some samples of our $18 pottery pieces you can choose from 

Samples of $18 pieces

Samples of $21
Samples of $21 pieces
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