Afternoon Summer Art Camp

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Don’t miss out on our afternoon art camp which are three hours, geared toward school aged children ages 6-14, includes snack time and at least two really cool art projects, either, canvas, pottery painting, or glass fusion.

Summer Camp

June 4-8, marvel superheroes, no camp Tuesday, June 5

11-15 Garden art

18-22 Disney

25-29 Summer vacations

July 9-13, under the sea/ shark week, mermaids

16-20, space Star Wars

23-27 around the world

July 30- Aug 3 zoo animals

Aug 6-10 Magical Animals – Unicorns, Dragons & More!

Mondays pottery painting and clay hand building

Tuesdays canvas and glass fusion

Wednesdays pottery painting and canvas

Thursday pottery and glass fusion

Friday mixed-media and your choice pottery.